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Our purpose

Cellva was founded to revolutionize the B2B market through cell culture, focusing on ingredients that are better for you, and doing no harm to any animal.

Starting with pork, starting with fat.

  • Planet

    The world's largest biome as the barn of sustainable technology.

  • People

    Food safety

  • Economy

    A better market for the whole world


Providing a healthier solution for the planet the people the economy

The global food system is inefficient and generates serious socio-environmental impacts. Compared to traditional agricultural processes, animal cell cultivation uses 70% less land, 50% less water, and is 30% less polluting. All this animal cruelty-free.

Cellva is the first company in Brazil focused on the development and production of animal ingredients through cell culture, without deforestation and without slaughter.

Cellva's technology will provide substantially healthier animal fat, as it is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and completely safe from the contamination that traditional pork fat can offer. Therefore supplying nutritional needs with exact taste, texture and scent.

The growing scarcity of animal fat in the Brazilian and global market impacts prices and harms production. Fats are becoming more and more expensive and limited. Its value has doubled since the beginning of the covid pandemic.

Brazil is a global supply chain with a vast availability of technical talent. Cellva's mission is to scale solutions with efficiency, sustainability and economic viability for the entire world.


Biotechnology and cell culture will enable the reinvention of how we produce fat.

Cellva’s fat production process requires only a small sample of animal tissue, collected painlessly, without discomfort and without slaughter, only once. The cells that have the highest nutritional performance are selected to be part of Cellva’s biobank, which will serve as a source for application in nutrient solutions for cell culture. The cell culture occurs on a large scale inside bioreactors with the potential for exponential multiplication.

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Animal cruelty-free biopsy

Selection of swine fat cells with high nutritional potential and from animals without exposure to antibiotics.

Selection of the cell line

Selection of swine fat cells with high nutritional potential and from animals without exposure to antibiotics.

Construction of the Cellva’s biobank

Biobank construction with fat cell lines selected for multiplication.

Optimization of cell culture

Fat cells deposition in nutrient solutions for an initial small-scale cell culture.

Production and optimization in bioreactors

Large-scale cell culture inside bioreactors. Here, cell multiplication is exponential: every ten days, cells multiply 200 times.

Cellva cultured fat

Final product is the Cellva Cultured Fat. Nourished with Brazilian bioingredients, without slaughtering a single animal, antibiotic-free and with low environmental impact.




Pork lard



Plant-based product

Cultured meat

Cocoa butter


Solutions for different industries so they can offer consumers the best fat on the market.

The revolutionary cell culture can be applied in animal, cultivated and plant-based products.


In 2022, a cross-functional group made up of enlightened scientists, regulatory actors, business references and great advisors decided to create Cellva

Our partners

Be part of the revolution of bioingredients cultivation and production. From Brazil to the world.

Contact us and understand why Cellva is the cultured fat solution for the alternative and the traditional proteins market.

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